A Guide to Graduation Flowers

Graduation season is here! As friends and family look to congratulate a recent graduate on the big day, flowers are a classic gift idea. But with so many options to choose from, gift givers can easily get overwhelmed. This guide will walk you through different graduation flower arrangements to help make the right choice when selecting flowers from any Flower shop near north babylon.


Roses are always a good choice. Their classic beauty and symbolism of love and respect make them perfect for graduation gifts. Options include:

  • Mixed dozen roses: A simple but beautiful mix of a dozen red, pink, or yellow roses says “congratulations.”
  • Roses in school colors: For a more personalized touch, look for roses in the graduate’s school colors. This shows you paid extra attention to detail.
  • Single stem rose: While not as traditional, a single long-stem rose in a stunning shade like coral pink or burgundy can make an elegant statement.

Roses are fairly easy to source from florists or supermarkets. Be sure to have them arranged in a sturdy vase and wrapped beautifully for presentation.


Mixed bouquets comprising a variety of flowers offer another classic choice for graduation gifts. Color choices can range from feminine pastels to bold hues. Consider:

  • Spring bouquets: Pastel tulips, daisies, and lilies worked into an airy arrangement say “congratulations” while evoking a feeling of renewal.
  • Summer bouquets: Bright orange and yellow gerbera daisies, calla lilies and sunflowers convey celebration in a cheerful, seasonally-appropriate way.
  • Fall bouquets: Deep red or burgundy roses, irises, and chrysanthemums provide a rich, elegant vibe that says “We’re proud of you.”

Mixed bouquets lend themselves to festive presentation. Consider placing the arrangement in a decorative vase or basket, tied with a ribbon in the graduate’s school colors.


Orchids are excellent graduation gift flowers from Commack flower shops, conveying elegance and grace. Styles to consider include:

  • Phalaenopsis orchids: The signature white or multi-color phalaenopsis orchid is an understated but sophisticated choice for a male or female graduate.
  • Dendrobium orchids: Lovely white or pale purple-pink dendrobiums say “congratulations!” in a subtle yet memorable way.
  • Cattleya orchids: Bold pink to purple cattleya orchids make a striking visual statement that truly celebrates the graduate’s achievement.

Orchids bloom for weeks or months after purchase, offering lingering joy. Have them presented in a sleek, minimalist vase with a simple card to let the flowers speak for themselves.   Read our latest guide about  dirt bike for adults.

Other things to consider

  • Consider adding greenery or seasonal flowers to the arrangement from your local florists in Commack, NY. Baby’s breath, ferns, and eucalyptus branches provide a natural base, while spring flowers like tulips and lilacs say “congratulations” in a fresh, vibrant way.
  • Include a personalized card or note with sentiments like “We’re so proud of you!” and “Congratulations on your hard work and dedication.” Handwritten messages have the most impact.
  • Consider complementing the flowers with a small meaningful gift, like the graduate’s favourite candy, book, or other mementos. This creates a more “full” presentation.
  • For male graduates, stickier blooms like roses, lilies, and tulips tend to work best. Consider things like orchids, calla lilies, and irises for their more minimalist appeal.

Overall, keep in mind the graduate’s personality and interests when choosing flowers. An arrangement that incorporates their favourite hues and fragrances will prove the most meaningful gift of all. But no matter what you choose, be sure to tell the graduate how proud you are of their accomplishment – that itself will mean the world.

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