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Remarkably, TikTok becoming another wide social media platform even if it is known as a short-form video sharing place. Anyone who starts using it can share whatever video clip from 3 to 10 minutes. Although apparently, it was not an interesting place, teenagers, companies, and celebrities made it one of the must-have apps within a couple of years of its launch. There is no doubt that people who are with TikTok on their iPhones know how attention-grabbing it is.

By the way, today we are going to narrate something different. Downloading and saving videos from TikTok to your iPhone or Android was a considerable matter for a long. Unfortunately, it does not have a built-in video download or save option even so far. So, keep reading and capture what we have brought for you to simply solve it.

Sometimes you may need to download a video of one of the individuals you follow or a very own upload for some reason. Do not worry, we have a couple of suggestions for you.

How to download videos from TikTok?

We often found a built-in media download option on many social media platforms. But, of course, there are some platforms where we have to use a third-party method for that. Likewise, there should be a proper way to download video clips from the TikTok app.

Generally, there are two different ways that we can go through that. Install a related app is the first option while you can use an online web-based as the second one.

What is the best app?

There are many applications in Apple App Store and even in third-party app stores too. Apps like Tikmate, Video Downloader for TK, TikSaver, and many apps are there. You can simply search the Apple App Store or any other third-party store and find the best for you. Though there are no considerable differences, you may find a few between them. However, all apps like TikSave are completely free.

You can select whatever app and download and install it. Read and understand instructions and follow them to bring all TikTok videos you like to your iDevice.

Just make sure you have an all-in-one type downloader on your iDevice. Some apps are there which can bring any media file offline devoid of the place you took it. Luckily you maybe already with one of those apps. If it is no need to find another way to solve it.

How to download TikTok video online?

So this is the second option that anyone can easily go through even easier than the above. Here all you have to do is copy the URL of the post and simply submit it to the tool. No need to worry about installing an app at all. Anyhow, SnapTik, TikTokdownload, sssTik, SaveTT, TikMate, and many web-based downloaders are there. None of these require to install on your iPhone, Android device, or PC at all. Therefore, unlike applications we often install on handsets, these types of tools are useful even when you are with your Mac or PC.

As we realized, SnapTik is the best TikTok video downloader that we ever found. It is a quite simple online tool for all TikTok users.

SnapTik online video downloader

This tool is absolutely free. It was designed based on a simple theme with a Download button and a URL bar where we have to paste the link of the video that we wish to download. This will easily bring any type of video clip to your gallery within a couple of minutes. All you have to worry about is your mobile data or Wi-Fi. Download the video faster or slower depending on your internet connection.

The SnapTik web page is easy to load when you click on the link. Or you can search the web by simply entering When you need to use it, just open the web page and download any type of video from TikTok and close the app. No need to register or sign up before using it.

 However, it gives you uncountable download chances. All the clips that will save to your iPhone or iPad will be in their actual quality. There are no hidden rules.

The best thing is, you do not have to worry about updating the tool or even maintaining another app on your iPhone when you are with an online tool in this way. And also, no need to worry about allowing the tool to access internal storage either. If you just want the mp3 file of the video, of course, SnapTik lets you select the file type you want before saving it.

What’s more?

By the way, the online tools that we listed above cannot use for downloading media from any other social media platform. But, there are some apps that let you download videos, pictures, GIFs, and mp3 files from social media platforms. But sometimes they too do not make available TikTok media save facility at the moment. Therefore, if you got such an all-in-one downloader, make sure it has all the social media places you want.

Since you have both installable apps and web-based type downloaders as well. You can select the one that will help you the most.

Final words

From now, anyone can bring videos from the TikTok app to their iPhone using one of these tools. We suggest you take screenshots if you do not wish to have a complete video clip. But, there is no doubt that we always wish there was a download option to bring stuff that we capture from whatever social media to our device gallery. In such circumstances, you can navigate to one of the tools that we shared above and collect the video for your media collection for absolutely free.

You can pick one between web-based tools and installable apps. As we clarified, each option has both pros and cons. It is up to you to accept what should be with you or not. Do not forget to bookmark the article and share it as well. 

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